Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I know, another food blog. However, I decided to start this blog for me, because I love to cook and I wanted to write about my experiences with new recipes. I actually had the idea before I saw "Julie and Julia", but it gave me the incentive I needed to start trying a new recipe at least once a week. I have put off the writing until now....

I will share some wonderful recipes that are very precious to my family. These recipes were passed on to my daughter from her grandmother better known as Abuela Acela.

My husband is a great cook, he inherited that from his mom. I'm sure he will be adding his two cents here as well.
I will also add some of my favorite recipes I've come across over the years, including my mom's "arroz con pollo", my daughter Elise's "picadillo",my nieces low calorie "flan", Bob's delicious "meatballs", Tia Mari's "bacalao a la vizcaina", and Tia Booby's "Christmas Day casserole". There are some I have to bribe to get their recipes, but I will eventually! LOL
I really enjoy cooking for my family and friends, my best and worst critics.