Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Café Cubano

Like I mentioned in a previous post, there is nothing like the aroma of freshly brewed Cuban coffee.  Well, it is actually Cuban style coffee brewed in an Italian Espresso maker in the good old USA. 

Whether it is first thing in the morning, after lunch, or after dinner traditional café drinkers like it:

C-caliente (hot)  
A-amargo (bitter-not too sweet) 
F-fuerte (strong) 
E-espeso(full bodied)

If you add some to a cup of warm milk it becomes a "café con leche", 
or if you add a little cream to your demitasse serving it then 
becomes a "cortadito".   Either way enjoy!!

Fill with water up to the brass valve.

Fill funnel cup with Cuban style coffee, pat down gently then add 
more to form a little heap. Screw the top on tightly and place
 on medium to high heat on stove.

This particular size espresso maker is for 3 cups.  
Add three teaspoons of sugar in a separate cup or mug.

When the first drops of coffee are brewed pour into cup with sugar.

Stir vigorously with the spoon to create a thick froth.

When all of the coffee is brewed add to container 
with froth and stir well.  Serve while hot!